Sky Ranch “Eye of Pampanga”

Get Ready for the newest Theme and Amusement Park in the North –  The Sky Ranch Pampanga! This place is the first amusement park and the newest tourist attraction in North Luzon.

Featuring 23 awesome rides, it’s sure to be a hit for every single member of your family. There are carousels, trains, bumper rides, log rides, and plenty others for kids of all ages. One of the main highlights is a roller coaster that’s out of this world! With its track and reported speeds, it won’t be child’s play at all but an exciting ride that will get your adrenaline pumping for sure.

Another highlight and one ride you must experience is the Pampanga Eye. At over 200 feet, it’s the biggest wheel in the Philippines. It’s so tall, you can enjoy a grand view of Mt. Arayat right from your carriage!


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