Sony A7R II: ISO and Low Light Test Part 1

Part 1 : Sony A7R II : ISO and Low Light Test

The image quality is superb, and the low light performance is the great, not far behind from A7S. I’m very impressed with A7RII clean image and usable from ISO 800-25,600. There is visible banding/artifacts at the back of laptop from ISO 800-3200, it is just caused by vimeo low bitrate conversion but not visible in the original file. I’m very happy with this camera. :)

4K 24p Super 35 mode (downscaled to 1080p)
Picture Profile PP7
S-Log2 S-Gamut

ISO 800-25600 (not ISO 32000).

Lens: Tokina 11-16mm DX II F/2.8
Adapter: Commlite EF-NEX

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