Sony A7RII : ISO and Low Light Test Part 2

Part 2 : Sony A7R II ISO & Low Light Text

4K 24p Super 35 mode (downloadscaled to 1080p)
Samyang 35mm T1.5 CineLens + CommLite EF-NEX adapter
S-Log2 S-Gamut PP7
1/50 and ISO from 800-25600

This is an in-door shot, lights-off except the two little candles, one at the back and one in the left side. In this particular situation the shot from ISO 800-25600 are very usable. There are tiny bit noise specially in the darker area from ISO 800-3200 but very very filmic noise so it’s ok for me. But if you really want to get rid of those noise, it’s very easy to remove without suffering the quality by using Magic Bullet Denoiser II or NeatVideo plugins. Or buy a much better glass from Sony or Canon with metabones, you will guarantee a much better clean shot in low light situation. Imagine I just used a cheap CineLens from Samyang but it performs great in this camera, so how much more if I use high-end glass from Sony or Canon L lenses. For sure it will give you much more quality image.

If you notice there some banding artifacts which is not visible in the original file. It is just bacause vimeo converts video to a low bitrate. You can download the original file below and see for yourself. :)

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